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Tall Glass of Lemonade

Another perfect summer drink?  Lemonade!  I had an amazing lunch today at this charming eatery, known for their flavorful salads and tall exotic lemonades!   I have made a lovely slideshow for you, so please click away to see the good bits 😉                   Lemonade, Beverly Hills

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Marix + Margaritas = Summer

Something about Summer just screams, “Mexican Food.”  It wasn’t that long ago that I got my taco on at El Toro, but now that the days are longer and I have a new wardrobe of summer dresses to show off, getting spicy for happy hour seems like the best way to go.  Marix is a […]

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Let Them Eat Brunch

Brunch is what happens when breakfast and lunch get drunk together and make-out. It can be messy sometimes, but always tastes good. Eggs Benedict, Belgian Waffles, French Toast, Spinach Frittata, Huevos Rancheros, Bacon, Sausage, Home Fries, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice…as Charlie Sheen might say, “What’s not to love??!!” All of the best foods are offered […]

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