What Planet am I On?

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I first entered into Planet Dailies/Mixology 101’s orbit a couple of weekends ago.  I had been holed up in my bedroom all week with a cold and had a serious case of cabin fever.  To the Grove I went.  While walking around, I ventured to The Farmer’s Market.  Suddenly I was reminded that the new restaurant/bar combo Planet Dailes/Mixology 101 had been put in place, but I didn’t know its exact location.  Then I saw.

Of course it had taken over the once sushi-joint that perched above the once Bath & Body Works (soon to be Dylan’s Candy Bar).   I walked slowly up the stairs, still not feeling 100%, but I had to check it out.  Mixology 101 met me first. My antibiotics and I breezed through, not wanting to be tempted.  The bar looked inviting and modern, spacious and engaging, but a sip I could not have…not yet.  I walked across the open patio and into Planet Dailies.  It’s different than any other dining establishment present at The Grove or The Farmer’s Market.  It’s energy felt like the future: clean and exact.  I liked it.  I went back the next week to actually have an experience with the product, not just stare.

It was the lunch hour and I was surprised at the mid-week busy-ness.  The menu sprawled across several categories:  Appetizers, Salads, Pizza, Chinese, Burgers, Sandwiches, Pasta and Sides.  It was hard not to get one from each section, but a girl’s gotta watch her figure…or at least keep an eye on  it.

What I ordered:

The Dark and Stormy:  Mixology wasn’t open at the time, but I still needed a cocktail and I’m a sucker for rum.

The Caprese Sliders.  I’ve had plenty of sliders in my life, but never have I encountered this combination.  I enjoy caprese without beef, how would I like it with beef?  I was intrigued and had to try.

The Watermelon Feta Salad.  It sounded incredibly refreshing.  Also, it had nothing to do with BEETS and GOAT CHEESE.  I love beets and goat cheese, but come on!  Let’s move onto something else please!  Thank you Planet Dailies for going in a different direction.

The Sweet Potato Fries.  I had to do it.  I watched their delivery to another table in slow motion and was seduced by their crispy thin frames.

Hot Cookie Trio.  Anyone who knows me, knows that cookies are my absolute favorite treat.  So, duh, I ordered cookies!

Apple Tartin.  It wasn’t on the menu yet, but the waitress raved about it.  Sold me.

What I thought:

I absolutely loved the Caprese Sliders.  The mozzarella was possibly the freshest I have ever tasted at a restaurant — a restaurant that is a subsidiary of Planet Hollywood at that!  I was impressed.  The Kobe met my standards too.  It was melty and juicy. The bun was soft and sweet.  I had only planned on eating two of the three sliders sitting on my plate, but they were so good I ate all three and didn’t even realize it until they were all gone.  It was like eating three savory dreams-come-true.

The Watermelon Feta Salad was huge.  Complete with the finishing components: arugula, spinach, tomatoes and lemon juice dressing.  It was the freshest salad I’ve had in a long time, with new flavors I hadn’t tasted together yet.

It took a lot of self control not to finish all of the Sweet Potato Fries.  Their taste lived up to their looks.  They were the perfect crispness…somewhere in between a shoestring fry and a regular cut fry.

When the Hot Cookie Trio came out I didn’t know what to expect.  The cookies were a surprise:  Oatmeal Raisin, White Chocolate Coconut and Macadamia Nut, and Double Chocolate.  They were so rich and soft with buttered insides that one bite of each was all I could handle.  Delicious, but you might explode if you try to eat all three at the same time.  No joke.

I also had to muster up some room for a bite or two of the Apple Tartin.  The crust was light and dense at the same time.  Properly blanketing the gooey apples in the middle.  Again, very good, but very rich!

I was very happy to learn that Planet Dailies predominantly uses ingredients from the vendors at the Third Street Farmer’s Market and other local farms.  This makes their dishes especially fresh and flavorful.  I will absolutely be back to try other menu items.  Planet Dailies has the potential to be an unassuming out of this world dining experience.  I hope they keep up the good work!



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Tara Redfield, The Food Pervert, is an actress, writer, host and obviously food lover. She started her blog and website, "The Food Pervert," in 2010 after an incredible visit to New York City. Her soul acknowledged a genuine passion for food and a desire to share her experiences with friends and family. She’s been sharing ever since. One of her most exciting experiences living in Los Angeles has been working on the TLC reality cooking show, “The Take Home Chef” with the charming and talented Curtis Stone. Redfield has a true love for cooking, dining, travel and story telling. She continues to spread the food love by visiting restaurants, markets, and food festivals as often as possible and sharing her finds through photos and stories. TV Host Representation: Paul Barrutia Commercial Talent 9255 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 505 West Hollywood, CA 90069 310.247.1431


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