Here Comes the Pastrami Dog

I will probably marry the man who can combine two of my favorite food items into one amazing creation.  Adam Gertler, watch out.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Gertler’s Kitchen, a Pop-Up restaurant, which took over the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica. I experienced one of the most incredible mouth-gasms I’ve ever had.  I’m talking about a moment freezing, haze framed, angels singing from the high heavens kind of flavor eruption.  There are certain flavors, textures and all around good tastes that food perverts live and die for.  Adam Gertler’s Pastrami Dog is one such thing.

Gertler’s luxurious, but to-the-point menu listed the Pastrami Dog, Chicken Kielbasa, Uber Kase (pork amazingness), Bacon Cheeseburger, Mac n’ Cheese, and the K-Town Veggie Burger.  All with exceptionally creative accouterments.  My mind had been made up after first glance.  the Pastrami Dog with a Gertler-Made rye bun, the best bun I’ve ever had mind you, gruyere (an interesting cheese choice) sauerkraut and 1000 Island dressing.  I’ve had an intense love affair with pastrami reuben sandwiches for years…and I am a sucker for a hot dog, especially during the warm night’s of August.

When my order was up, Gertler handed me the dog with a charming smile (he has to know the magic he is making).  I took my first bite.  My brain paused.  The only thing working was my tongue and it was slowly caressing the insanity of greatness happening in my mouth.  Words couldn’t form.  Moan was all I could do.  The bun, baked by the chef himself, was perfectly soft, but not gooey; toasted, but not crunchy. When the creamy bursts of gruyere escaped through the valley of bread and meat it was a happy surprise every time.  The ‘kraut and 1000 island that simply decorated the top, were the final strokes of delicious genius.  I never want to eat another hot dog bun again, because I know it will fail in comparison.

Wait, it’s not over.  There was dessert too.  S’mores…and S’mores with Maple Bacon.  No food pervert on earth is going to resist a S’more with Maple Bacon and thank God I didn’t!  Using the best chocolate chips, classic Kraft marshmallows, and finely chopped maple-cured bacon, Gertler got me again.  This was the ultimate summertime, savory- meets-sweet dessert.  My friends should know that if they ever plan on inviting me to another bbq, they better step up their game because I’ve tasted the moon.

When you meet Gertler’s Kitchen, be prepared to fall in love, but when you’re done, your heart will break…at least until your next order is up.

Catch Gertler’s Kitchen THIS Labor Day Weekend:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Whole Foods Market in Laguna Niguel.



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Author:The Food Pervert

Tara Redfield, The Food Pervert, is an actress, writer, host and obviously food lover. She started her blog and website, "The Food Pervert," in 2010 after an incredible visit to New York City. Her soul acknowledged a genuine passion for food and a desire to share her experiences with friends and family. She’s been sharing ever since. One of her most exciting experiences living in Los Angeles has been working on the TLC reality cooking show, “The Take Home Chef” with the charming and talented Curtis Stone. Redfield has a true love for cooking, dining, travel and story telling. She continues to spread the food love by visiting restaurants, markets, and food festivals as often as possible and sharing her finds through photos and stories. TV Host Representation: Paul Barrutia Commercial Talent 9255 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 505 West Hollywood, CA 90069 310.247.1431


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