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It’s that special time of year when Palm Trees desperately want to be Douglas Firs, playing dress up in their necklaces of lights.  The Palms that line Rodeo Drive are probably the most convincing.  Beverly Hills is sparkling in December. The window displays are grinning with holiday lust, the hotel lobbies are perfectly decorated sets from everyone’s dream “winter wonderland” and there are even glowing polar bears posing in the fountain where Rodeo meets Wilshire. It makes sense that a new restaurant would choose to unwrap itself during this magical time of year.  On Rodeo Bistro & Lounge, inside the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, has officially welcomed itself to the neighborhood.

The French Bistro and Bar, were inspired by the historical significance that Rodeo Drive was meant to replicate the streets of Paris.  Executive chef, Olivier Rousselle, a native of Paris himself, has worked to achieve his ideal blend of classic French cuisine and California-cool with his menu.  The bar showcases an array of newborn cocktails, all with ingredients fresh from local farms, created by Matthew Biancaniello, aka the Cocktail Chef.  A classic meal paired with a soon-to-be-classic cocktail?  I’m in.

When I was seated for the pre-opening, I had no idea how much of the menu I would get to devour!  I suspected a few small portions, maybe one or two bigger entrees, but the food literally did not stop coming!  My expectations were beyond met.  It was like Menu Christmas!

First came Grilled Lamb Lollipops and Crab Cakes, you know just some light starters (what?!)…I was lucky to  have brought a guest, otherwise I might have exploded from the amount of food and libations offered to me with no end in sight.  We sipped some of the favorite cocktails from the menu to get our juices flowing: The Kentucky Bubblebath (whiskey, cynar, lavender water, lemon) and The Blackberry Basil Mojito (rum, blackberries, basil, lime).  This was only the beginning!

Next, arrived the Steak Sliders (flatiron and roquefort cheese) and Grilled and Chilled Prawns…the sliders were my favorite of the appetizers.  The steak and cheese combination was new and very complementary in richness and flavor.

Round two of drinks included, Sage Heaven (vodka, raspberries, sage, ginger, lemon) and Easter Island (champagne, cucumber, mint, lime).  Nothing could wipe the grin off of my face after tasting Sage Heaven.  The sweet sage-y flavor swirled through me, tasting amazing from start to finish.  If my personality were a cocktail it would taste just like this.

Soup time.  French Onion is one of my all time favorite soups, and I can be a tough b*tch when it comes to the onion sweetness to melty cheese ratio.  Thanks On Rodeo, now I’m addicted to your Sage Heaven AND your freaking French Onion!  The broth was wonderfully savory, the onions cooked just enough and the cheese…the properly melted cheese, protecting the flavor of the broth and itself atop soaked toast.  The best.

You can’t have soup without salad…roasted beet salad with burrata.  I do believe that the beet salad has had it’s day.  It’s been done over and over and it’s hard to improve upon.  However, it sticks around because it’s a crowd pleaser.  If it’s on a menu, people are going to order it.  I did.

My little tummy was so full, but we still had entrees to get through! Steak Frites, Roasted Jidori Chicken, and Seared Pacific Sea Bass.  My heart belongs to red meat, so the other entrees didn’t stand a chance.  The marinated flatiron steak was my favorite without a doubt.  Classically prepared and sliced into perfect medallions glowing with pink centers.

No meal is complete without dessert and I was determined to make it fit.  The New York Cheesecake may very well become the defining item on the entire menu.  I could not stop fawning over the crust:  it was this crazy consistency of soft and crunchy at the same time.  The cake was light and fluffy in texture, but the flavor was heavy, as it should be.

If you are searching for a classic bistro, with comforting dishes cherished by simple tongues with good taste, you should not be let down by On Rodeo.  It’s standing in restaurant excellence will be proven by time, but for now, bon appétit!

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For more information on The Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel and the On Rodeo Bistro & Lounge, please visit www.luxerodeo.com.


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