Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlette!

First of all, I would like to properly address this fabulous new year that is 2013!  So far, you are off to a fantastic start and I’m looking forward to all of the deliciousness you bring my way!  Now let’s get to business…

Michele La Porta is a well-known name in the food scenes of France, now she has come to conquer LA. She has arrived perfectly equipped with her sugar-free, fat-free, carb-free cake; the Starlette Cake.  As a woman who loved eating dessert but didn’t want to worry about gaining weight, she created her own unique guilt-free dessert which has gained an enormous following over the past 25 years. La Porta’s Parisian Restaurant, The Cool,  remains a success and her fans range from models, to actresses, to journalists, and to everyday French women.  When one of my favorite publicists invited me to try Michele’s famous Starlette Cake, I said yes.  The exclusive tasting was held at “Real Housewife” Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR Lounge in West Hollywood.  SUR will be the only restaurant in LA to offer La Porta’s cakes…for now.

The Starlette sat in the center of our table, looking like the pretty girl at a party who everyone stares at, but is afraid to talk to.  It could have been a cheesecake.  It was white and round with a smooth and almost glossy exterior adorned with freshly sliced strawberries, raspberries and kiwis. However, this baby was fat-free so this was not cheese!  It was killing me not knowing what this thing was made out of!


After much anticipation and learning that La Porta will never share her secret recipe, we finally got to have a taste of the miracle dessert.  My fork slowly sliced through the tip of the cake.  The cool, tart and slightly sweet bite, swirled in my mouth.  It was after this first bite that I guessed the key ingredient, yogurt!  Yes, La Porta confirmed that non-fat plain yogurt was a big part of her cake’s success.  It was light, creamy, and had just a hint of sweetness…and only 30 calories a slice!  Not that I’m one for counting calories, but it was interesting information!  It was the healthiest dessert I had ever eaten.  I imagined how good it would be for breakfast sprinkled with granola!

Meeting La Porta herself was truly a pleasure.  While still perfecting the English language, her eagerness to get every word right was adorable.  She was the most gracious hostess, sparkling beneath her blonde hair, making sure we all had plenty of rosé to sip. “It’s very for the woman” she purred, (which is by far my new favorite saying) and yes, Ms. La Porta, your magical guiltless cake is very much for the woman!

Want to get your hands on The Starlette?  Dine in or take a cake home!

SUR Restaurant

612 N. Roberston Blvd.

West Hollywood, Ca 90069



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Author:The Food Pervert

Tara Redfield, The Food Pervert, is an actress, writer, host and obviously food lover. She started her blog and website, "The Food Pervert," in 2010 after an incredible visit to New York City. Her soul acknowledged a genuine passion for food and a desire to share her experiences with friends and family. She’s been sharing ever since. One of her most exciting experiences living in Los Angeles has been working on the TLC reality cooking show, “The Take Home Chef” with the charming and talented Curtis Stone. Redfield has a true love for cooking, dining, travel and story telling. She continues to spread the food love by visiting restaurants, markets, and food festivals as often as possible and sharing her finds through photos and stories. TV Host Representation: Paul Barrutia Commercial Talent 9255 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 505 West Hollywood, CA 90069 310.247.1431


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    Awesome review Tara, Thank you, it is just lovely and delicious…

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