Pairing and Teasing: A Food Fare Preview!

There is no finer pairing than good food and good drinks.  Unless, it’s good food and a good cause. I was impressed by all pairings recently, when Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles and Culver City’s notable eatery, The Corner Door, got together for a tasting menu pairing incredible dishes and delicious cocktails.  The menu was specially arranged to celebrate the upcoming 34th annual Food Fare, taking place March 7th in Santa Monica.  The Corner Door is one of many amazing restaurants that will be featured at the famous fundraising event. IMG_1911

Chef Luke Reyes and mixologist Beau du Bois have merged their talents and palates to make the dining experience at The Corner Door truly unique and original.  The tasting menu, I was lucky enough to enjoy, was nothing short of stellar.

The menu was born from heart and thought. I could taste the sharp intention of the food and the playful creativity of the drinks. Everything I tried, surpassed my already high hopes.  As much as I would love to go into full detailed descriptions about every morsel I devoured and every sip I savored, this post would get too lengthy!  I’ll go straight for the kill.

The short ribs served with slowly cooked lentils and garnished with a drop of mint yogurt  were by far the best tasting short ribs I have ever had IN MY LIFE.  I am not exaggerating. Take me very seriously right now. Please remember I am The Food Pervert, this means I have tried many a short rib in my day, and have never tasted meat as fine, juicy, melty, sweet, savory and delicious as these short ribs. My insides were singing. I was having an emotional experience: ultimate food ecstacy. The meat had the lightest crisp of a skin that was grilled with a shadow of sweetness.  The layers underneath, lay relaxed and soft against the bone.  Incredible.  Hello meat master, chef Luke Reyes.  Your hands are gifted.  I tasted it.


You know who else has gifted hands?  Beau du Bois, the guy that did his own thing with my favorite cocktail of the night, the French 75.  This classic cocktail originated in Paris in 1915.  It’s essential ingredients are champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar.  Du Bois makes his own version: gin, lemon, lillet rose, sugar, peach bitters, and prosecco.  To me, it tasted like happiness and flirting…both really good things!  This was paired with Reyes’ agnolotti (grilled cauliflower, fontina, currants).  Exquisite.


Another incredible dish that I must confess to you was the roasted halibut.  Oh. My. God.   I like fish, but when dining out, will order red meat or chicken before fish.  This halibut however, blew my mind and then some.  It was roasted to perfection served on top of cannellini beans and garnished with crisp ribbons of red onion.  It was incredible to me, because the flavor was so clean.  The white folds tasted just as meaty and savory as any other meat. I had to force myself to put the fork down, so as not to gorge myself completely before the final dish arrived.

IMG_1901            IMG_1899

I also loved the concoction the halibut was paired with: a Mezacallin.  Mezcal, a smokey tequila, is the star of this creation.  Mixed with lemon, ginger, and pineapple gomme.  Du Bois mentioned that his intention was to enhance the Mezcal and not pull any attention away from it with the other flavors.  Success.

After an avocado salad, agnolotti, ribs, halibut and the cocktails that paired with each, I barely had room for the final plate: slow braised beef.  As I said earlier, everything was stellar and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality, flavor, presentation and intent from both creators, Reyes and du Bois. I don’t care if you have to drive from Sherman Oaks, The Corner Door is a must visit.

This tasting event only made me more excited for the actual Food Fare!  To get tickets to this amazing fundraising/food celebration event please visit!

For Reservations at The Corner Door visit!


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4 Comments on “Pairing and Teasing: A Food Fare Preview!”

  1. February 22, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    We are still dates for the Food Fare, right?

    • February 23, 2013 at 9:44 am #

      Yes! But I am probably going earlier have some video assignments! xo

  2. August 2, 2013 at 12:14 pm #

    Really beautiful pictures on this post!

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